VIDEO: Malaysian Car Thief Demonstrates How Easy It Is To Steal Your Car


VIDEO: Malaysian Car Thief Demonstrates How Easy It Is To Steal Your Car

Think you’ve got the latest car anti-theft defences? You may want to think again.

Here’s a video that’s recently come to our attention, of a Malaysian car thief demonstrating how easy it is to break in and steal your vehicle, to what appears to be the local police.

Now, the vehicle in view may be a Honda City, but do keep in mind that these methods, amongst the many others, do apply to almost any vehicle in the market.

The thief starts by opening the door with a special key of some sort, which as soon as the doors open, would typically sound your average car alarm – don’t go thinking your keyless entry systems are all that safe either, because there’s always a keyhole tucked away as a failsafe.

The thief then sticks the same key into the ignition, and begins to work his magic by plugging into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD). A few clicks later, and bang: the engine fires up, the alarm is disarmed (presumably), and he’s driving away in your vehicle.

Mind you, Mr Thief does this all in whilst in handcuffs. Imagine what he could do with his hands free, and a friend for company?

If anything, this video is a good reminder of how keeping your car safe from an experienced thief is never 100% possible. For them, your best defences only prolong the time spent on the job. recommends several tips to improve the odds against this happening to you:

Only park in places you know is safe for your vehicle: are there guards in the area? Is your vehicle in view of others who may be able point out a thief and call for help? Is the area well lit during the day and night? Ask yourself these questions.

Having the latest alarms and immobiliser tech is always a plus, but there’s no program or software in the world that can cut through a solid steering lock mechanism. Yes, it would still be possible to steal your car, but it would require a strong hacksaw and more time than the average thief would like to spend doing something suspicious in a parked car.

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