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VIDEO: Mercedes-AMG Teases Something Fast Is Coming

Chris Aaron July 2, 2015 10:07

Mercedes-AMG, the bunch of madmen who bring you the likes of the AMG GT and the SLS AMG before that, are looking busy yet again.

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is coming next, but they’ve released a teaser video that only lets us listen to something we angry-sounding, being driven hard around the Hockenheimring in Germany.

The text on the video only says that, “Something Fast Is Coming,” but in what world would AMG cook up something slow?

Some reports are suggesting that an AMG-GT Black Series is what the AMG crew are teasing, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

In any case, do have a listen and enjoy your morning coffee to the sounds of a proper V8. Enjoy.

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