VIDEO: Out Of Control Trailer Truck Rolls Over, Slams Into Barrier On Karak Highway

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VIDEO: Out Of Control Trailer Truck Rolls Over, Slams Into Barrier On Karak Highway

The Karak highway, if you’re not familiar, is known for its undulating terrain and long but also sometimes sharp corners. Not the kind you’d take at speed with a very heavy lorry. But was this driver driving (very) dangerously? Or was he the victim of a brake failure and was simply doing his best to snake through traffic in a runaway truck?

We don’t quite know the answer yet, but our doubts remain as to how anyone would voluntarily drive a truck that large, that fast, on that highway. Just look at how much faster that huge 18-wheeler was travelling compared to the other cars! A peek ahead to the corner before the incident occurred would make anyone wince at the self-deduced conclusion they’re about to witness. 

Let’s assume the truck was experiencing a mechanical failure, likely brakes, as it was descending a particularly steep stretch of the Karak highway. In that case, the driver should be commended for doing the best he could to not endanger the other motorists - with some imagination, we can see things ending much worse. 

Lori terbabas di Karak

Kejadian lori terbabas di Karak petang tadi.. dipercayai berpunca daripada masalah Brake.Kredit: Noor Amran Sapuan

Posted by Siakap Keli on Friday, November 20, 2015


We hear everyone is safe and the driver himself is in hospital, conscious and having sustained no serious injury. There’s some chatter of a car being caught under the lorry as it went sideways. We can’t confirm this, but apparently there’s nobody seriously hurt. 

What to make of this truck and this accident? Perhaps that, as always, drivers need to be vigilant on the roads. Also, the brakes on trucks should be inspected and maintained very regularly. And that a high centre of gravity greatly increases the chances of a rollover. 

 We call it tip-over-steer

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