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VIDEO: So We Brought The Mitsubishi Triton Out For Some Fun And Adventure

Jim Kem August 30, 2015 12:15

The new 2015 Mitsubishi Triton has paddle shifters, dual zone climate control, HID and LED daytime running lights, reverse camera, steering wheel multi-function controls, Isofix for child seats, keyless entry, push start and many other features.

We wouldn't blame you for thinking this must be some luxury passenger car. In fact, the Mitsubishi Triton was the first pick up truck to pursue a passenger car-like interior, and this hallmark has kept itself very much alive in the all new Triton 2.5 VGT. What's also kept intact is the Triton's excellent handling, drivability and agility. With a super small turning circle, it makes the car feel much more agile than its size would suggest. 

We've also made a video for Mitsubishi, and we hope you'll like it as much as we do. And the best feeling one could get after putting so much effort into making it is to see all of you who enjoyed watching it to share it amongst your friends. Thanks!


2015 Mitsubishi Triton Global Debut Gallery

2015 Mitsubishi Triton Launch Event Gallery

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