VIDEO: Watch A McLaren 675LT Get Hooned Around The Spanish Castelloli Circuit


VIDEO: Watch A McLaren 675LT Get Hooned Around The Spanish Castelloli Circuit

McLaren touts its 675LT as the most track-focused sports car ever in the history of the British carmaker. That’s all fine and dandy words but they’ve now released this video to drive that point home.

Shot at the Castelloli circuit in Spain, we get taken on a journey beginning with outside of the supercar, finished here in Napier Green and fitted with Stealth ultra-lightweight  forged wheels (19-inch ones at the front and 20-inchers on the back). From there, its glimpses of the other parts of the car including the engine and active “Longtail” Airbrake.

That pleasing melodic music playing in the background is drowned out when the tweaked, M838LT 3.8-litre V8 engine is fired up, ready to unleash all of its 675PS (666hp) of power and 700Nm of torque.

Leaving two tyre trails on take-off, the lighter, harder and more powerful version of the 650S is a real track weapon.

Right at the part when the driver switches from Normal to Sport mode (1:24), the 675LT gets even more fired up, attacking the track even more aggressively, all aero components in full operation. Switch off the traction control together and it becomes a masterful drift machine, no doubt the enemy of tyres everywhere.

When McLaren talked about the dynamic prowess of its new 675LT, we were intrigued. Now, when they showed us this video, we are enthralled. The Ferrari 488 GTB better watch its back.

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