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Volvo debuts electric trucks in Malaysia, Swift Haulage Berhad adopts first units

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Volvo debuts electric trucks in Malaysia, Swift Haulage Berhad adopts first units

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has unveiled its fully electric heavy-duty prime movers, marking the first launch of its kind in Malaysia.

Swift Haulage Berhad, an integrated logistics provider, is the first to adopt these electric trucks. Volvo Trucks aims to accelerate the industry's transition to electromobility, aligning with Malaysia's net-zero carbon goals. The move emphasizes Volvo Trucks' commitment to sustainability, safety, and environmental protection.

Volvo FH electric truck

The trucks offer low climate impact, enhanced driver safety, and a better working environment. Volvo's electric prime movers have variable battery configurations (from 2 battery packs) with a total energy storage of up to ~540kWh and a range of up to 300km. Charging times range from ten hours with an AC charger to under two hours with a DC charger.

The Volvo electric prime mover range is equipped with a powerful electric powertrain, featuring two or three motors that generate up to 666 PS and an impressive torque of 2,400 Nm, tailored to specific applications. 

Independent tests demonstrate potential energy savings of 50% compared to diesel-powered trucks, all while maintaining similar distances.

Volvo truck, first EV truck in Malaysia

Volvo Trucks is actively collaborating with government agencies and industry partners to develop Malaysia's electric ecosystem.

The company also provides total cost of ownership analysis, education, and support for EV technology adoption. With the government's commitment to expanding charging infrastructure, Volvo Trucks hopes for increased support within the transportation and logistics industry.

This debut represents a significant milestone in Malaysia's push towards a greener future, with Volvo Trucks leading the way in electrifying the transportation sector.

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