Volvo To Reveal New V90 Cross Country

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Volvo To Reveal New V90 Cross Country

About two months ago, images of what appeared to be a rugged, jacked up version of the Volvo V90 being tested in Spain made its way to the internet, and rumour had it that it was the Cross Country version of the car.

From what we could see, the prototype looked like it was following the same recipe as previous Cross Country models such as the XC70 with the addition of bulked-out bumpers, skid plates, larger wheels, chunkier tyres, and bigger roof rails.

There were many speculations on what powertrain the car will be running on, and how different the interior will be, and what not. However, Volvo has remained pretty discreet about it until today.

The Swedish brand has finally announced that the car will be revealed within the next couple of weeks.

According to Volvo, the V90 Cross Country was designed to be a true all-weather alternative to an SUV. Besides that, Volvo also confirmed that the car will feature the brand’s all-wheel-drive technology. Our guess is that it will be using the same package as the XC90.

“We were very careful from the very beginning to ensure that the Cross Country concept was not just an exercise in rugged styling. We placed high demands on real-world capability, and as we developed the segment we added the comfort and convenience elements that Volvo drivers have come to expect,” said Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Group.

That said, watch this space for mode updates on the highly anticipated V90 Cross Country.

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