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Volvo XC40 Ad – See If You Can Spot The Hidden Message

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Volvo XC40 Ad – See If You Can Spot The Hidden Message

This is proof that Volvo doesn’t just make advertisements, they tell stories - let’s see if you can spot the true hidden message behind its new advertisement of the XC40 SUV.

In this multi-layered and well-produced ad, Volvo takes a thinly veiled swipe at modern consumerism and materialism.

It focusses on how the media machine and capitalist businesses alike, thrive on herding the populous into chasing the latest, newest stuff without actually providing any real benefit to consumers.

The ad tagline “everything you need, nothing you don’t” denotes a deeper meaning of individuality, born of purpose and without the need to conform to popular convention. The cover of My Favourite Things by Jennie Abrahamson further delivers a sombre background to the video.

The backdrop of buzzing black delivery trucks rushing boxed goods that all look the same, is contrasted by the white XC40 travelling against the tide of traffic, charting its own course.

The clearest depiction of the social order of consumption comes at 1.38 min where doors open to a large studio selling limited amounts of black garments – what ensues is a stampede of eager customers fighting tooth-and-nail to purchase them.

To draw parallels between the fashion, technology, and the automotive industry, the ad classily implies at the manner of which car buyers tend to gravitate to the established brands, with products that are seemingly similar in execution, regardless of where they come from.

The all-new XC40, launched late last year, is that perfect break from the norm, which delivers on the premium of uniqueness and individuality at every level. 

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