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Volvo XC90 Facelift Unveiled – With F1-Style KERS Technology

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Volvo XC90 Facelift Unveiled – With F1-Style KERS Technology

Volvo Cars has unveiled the facelifted version of its flagship SUV, the XC90 which now boasts a newly-developed fuel-saving engine option for better efficiency, in line with the company’s ambitious electrification strategy.

The refreshed XC90 for the first time offers customers Volvo’s advanced kinetic energy recovery braking system (or KERS, like in F1 race cars), coupled with its existing internal combustion engines to create a new integrated electrified powertrain.

The new range of electrified powertrains falls under Volvo’s new ‘B’ badge, which will progressively be made available across its entire model range going forward. The new ‘B’-badged cars complement Volvo’s existing T8 Twin Engine PHEV powertrains in the new XC90.

This new electrified powertrain offers drivers up to 15 percent more fuel efficiency and emission reductions in real-world driving – this is courtesy of a new brake-by-wire system interacting with the vehicle’s energy recovery system to recover kinetic energy under braking and convert it into electrical energy for later use.

On the outside, the facelifted XC90 offers subtle upgrades to the exterior design: new wheels, exterior colours, and an updated grill design, among other details.

On the inside, much of the interior remains unchanged, but crucially, can now be ordered with a range of different seating configurations. The XC90 can be ordered as a four-seater (Excellence variant), or as a six- or seven-seater depending on the customer’s preferences. Additionally, new interior materials such as a wool blend offer further options for personalisation.

In terms of active safety technology, the XC90 now offers steering intervention with both the City Safety and the Blind Spot Information System. City Safety with Autobrake is still the only system on the market to recognise pedestrians, cyclists, and large animals. The Oncoming Lane Mitigation system first introduced on the XC60 is now also available on XC90, while the Cross Traffic Alert technology now also offers Autobrake.

In terms of connectivity, the XC90 offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and Volvo’s proprietary Sensus infotainment system now adopts all the latest updates (models after the XC90 have received); new features include Spotify streaming where applicable.

Gallery: Volvo XC90 Facelift Unveiled – With F1-Style KERS Technology

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