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Volvo's Chengdu Factory Bids Farewell To The XC60

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Volvo's Chengdu Factory Bids Farewell To The XC60

Every company has its various phases and evolutions, and re-evolutions if need be. Volvo is one of these companies, and one of the phases that was important for the brand was one that was led by the XC60. When the XC60 was first launched, it was a product that made the Swedish brand relevant again, and the demand for the mid-sized SUV was huge. It was so huge that factories around the world were adapted to produce the XC60- but it's finally time to say goodbye. Production of the first-generation XC60 has come to an end, making way for the second-generation model. 

Whenever a model comes to the end of production, it can be a very emotional moment for factory workers. It may be a car they've been assembling for the better part of a decade, and they may have become familiar with it, both inside and out. In the case of this Volvo factory in Chengdu, China, many of the workers feel attached to the first-generation XC60 and are sad to see it go- and this short video showcases the production of the last first-generation XC60 in the world, and the memories and sentiments of various different workers from the factory. 

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