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Used cars now come with a warranty? - All about Warranty Smart


Used cars now come with a warranty? - All about Warranty Smart

Having some form of protection over any product you’re going to own - or already own - is a very common modern-day concern, one that’s basically expected instead of preferred. Laptops, smartphones, and of course cars are among our prized and essential possessions, so it’s only wise to have a warranty attached.

However, while a manufacturer-backed warranty is included as standard on all new cars, things aren’t so clear cut when it comes to used, reconditioned, or grey market import vehicles, even if the condition they are in is just as pristine. The other major issue with new car warranties is their lack of flexibility and the fact that they don’t last for very long: 5 years at the most, if you’re lucky; at least in Malaysia.

This is where companies like Warranty Smart come into the picture, offering extended protection that’s just as convenient and comprehensive as that from the official automaker or its partnering local distributors.

Peace Of Mind + Flexibility - Not Just For New Cars

In their top tier Smart Platinum+ package, for example, Warranty Smart covers up to 147 different vehicle components including many costly, high-stress parts in the engine, transmission, electronics, fuel system, and supercharger or turbocharger(s). There’s even coverage for labour fees on dreaded oil leaks.

That said, in the spirit of ultimate flexibility, they also do not limit you to their standard warranty program packages and allows customers to mix and match their coverage parameters as they see fit. A bit of Smart Platinum+ mixed with Smart Gold+, Silver+, or Bronze+. You decide!

Since Warranty Smart aims to offer an extended coverage service that delivers ease and peace of mind to owners that extends to and beyond that of OEMs, that means matching or exceeding them in terms of convenience and flexibility as well.

Affordable Warranty Packages For Everyone

Furthermore, vehicle coverage packages are also transferrable should you decide to sell your car and remain active regardless of a change in ownership, meaning the same extra protection and peace of mind of an extended warranty can add value to the price of your car.

With plans from as low as RM848 per year for most Japanese brand vehicles and as low as RM954 per year for continental car brands, extending your car’s warranty coverage is now made truly affordable, convenient, and more flexible than ever thanks to Warranty Smart.

Car Make

Annual Premium (RM)


From RM848 per year


From RM954 per year

Comprehensive Parts Coverage

As one of the country’s pioneering aftermarket vehicle warranty suppliers with operations in Malaysia as well as Thailand and Indonesia, Warranty Smart’s expertise and reputation has been cemented over its 10 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. 

Over this period, they have also cultivated a strong partnership with Pacific & Orient Insurance Berhad, one of Malaysia’s premier general insurers, with their policies being the bedrock of Warranty Smart’s services.

They also have 182 panel workshops nationwide, chosen for their service quality, strategic locations, and mechanical proficiency with a variety of car brands and models so that you’re never too far to conveniently reach out to file a claim.

Open Service Concept, 24/7 Towing Nationwide

Speaking of which, as they adopt an Open Service concept, Warranty Smart does not limit their customers to only going to their panel workshops for routine servicing in contrast to automakers (and their restrictive conditions) that require this to keep their warranty policies intact.

This means that you can continue to support your favourite mechanic or most conveniently located workshop without worry. And when you do need to bring your car in to check or diagnose a potential fault on covered items at a Warranty Smart authorised panel, that’s also provided free of charge.

Should there indeed be a claimable issue, the panel workshop will work together with Warranty Smart’s claims department to determine the extent of your coverage relative to the components that need replacing or repair, which of course is inclusive of parts and labour.

Warranty Smart provides fast claim approval within 48 hours, and if for some reason the vehicle is not able to be driven there, a complementary nationwide towing service is always a phone call away 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

To learn more about Warranty Smart and how they can help you with your next car owning experience, head over to their website (, their Facebook page, or call their careline at 1300-800-833.

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