2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV vs 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

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2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV vs 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

If you're looking for an affordable SUV that is a hybrid, then the 2022 Honda HR-V e:HEV and the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid should be at the top of your list. But which one is for you?

For as long as we've known it, Toyota and Honda have been the best of sparring partners. They both have excellent like-for-like cars in every segment and usually push each other to a higher standard - which is great for consumers.

In the modern-day, the Toyota Camry has to contend with the Honda Accord, the Toyota Corolla Altis has to fight with the Honda Civic, and the Toyota Vios/Yaris has the Honda City twins (sedan/hatchback) to play with.

2018 Honda HR-V

But when it comes to crossovers, Toyota didn't really have a suitable sparring partner for the Honda HR-V. Yes, for a stint, the Toyota CH-R was considered the HR-V's sparring partner, but it could never amass the number of sales the HR-V was achieving in Malaysia, mainly because it was an imported model, which made it pricey.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid or Honda HR-V e:HEV?

So in our eyes, the HR-V was pretty much alone in Malaysia for a long time, but all that changed when the Toyota Corolla Cross came about in 2020. 

2022 Corolla Cross hybrid

Since its introduction, the Toyota Corolla Cross has understandably stolen the HR-V's limelight. It's a newer car and in every way more modern than the second generation HR-V. Despite being popular right off the bat, sales of the Corolla Cross started picking up when UMW Toyota introduced the CKD model back in January 2022 - which made them better value for money.

2022 CKD Corolla Cross

So for about six months or so, the Corolla Cross was the "it" crossover for the Malaysian market, but Honda Malaysia wasn't sweating because sales of the third generation HR-V had just begun in Thailand, which meant that Malaysia would have it soon too

So here we are today, having witnessed the launch of the all-new third-generation HR-V in Malaysia, which means that the Toyota Corolla Cross is about to go head-to-head with its rightful sparring partner.

2022 Honda HR-V lineup Malaysia

There are many variants available across the range for the Honda HR-V and Toyota Corolla Cross, but what intrigues us the most is the bout between the hybrid models, the 2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV and the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

To look into this further, we put their specifications side by side. 

2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV vs 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid
Index Honda HR-V e:HEV Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid
MSRP RM140,800 RM139,991

1.5-litre NA

+ Electric Motor

1.8-litre NA

+ Electric Motor

Transmission CVT CVT
Power (PS) 131 (total output) 122 (total output)
Torque (Nm)

 Engine - 127

E-Motor - 253


253 (Honda states a total

torque output for its


Engine - 142

E-Motor - 163

(Toyota says the TCCH is a parallel hybrid

which has no combined output as the

distribution of torque between the

engine and the motor is varied so both

run in their optimum operating range 

as much as possible)

Claimed Fuel Efficiency

(litre/100 km)

4.1 4.3

Fuel Tank Capacity


40 36


(LxWxH in mm)

4,328 / 1,773 / 1,605 4,460 / 1,825 / 1,620

Boot Space


320 440 

8" Touch Screen

Apple CarPlay


Android Auto

9" Touch Screen

Apple CarPlay


Android Auto

Safety and

Driving Assistance

6x Airbags


Stability Control

Auto Emergency Braking

Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane Centring Assist

Lane Keeping Assist

Auto high beam

Hill Descent Control

Blind Spot Monitoring (Honda LaneWatch)


7x Airbags


Stability Control

Auto Emergency Braking

Lane Keep Assist

Adaptive Cruise Control

Blind Spot Assist

360 Camera

Auto High Beam

Front Collision Warning

Exterior, Dimensions And Cargo Space

If you put them side by side, it's quite hard to say which vehicle is the larger vehicle, but according to the dimensions, it's pretty clear that the Toyota Corolla Cross is the bigger crossover out of the two.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid rear view

The Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid has this traditional, muscular rugged look going for it, while the Honda HR-V RS e:HEV looks svelte, headlined by that coupe-like shape which is most pronounced from the middle part of the car all the way to the rear.

2022 Honda HR-V e:HEV Malaysia

Although that coupe-like shape has given the HR-V every right to be part of any fashion week, it does have its drawbacks, such as compromising boot space. Not only has the boot space shrunken in size when compared to the outgoing model, but it is also 120 litres less than its sparring partner. 

Interior Design

2022 Honda HR-V interior

To be blunt, there's no denying that the Honda HR-V's interior feels way more premium than the Corolla Cross'. This is mainly due to its design which is trendy chic. Everything from the infotainment system to the aircon vents feels more premium and stylistic.

While we like the premium feel and look of the HR-V's interior, we can't help but feel that the utilitarian feeling interior in the Toyota Corolla Cross will probably last the test of time. 

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior

Everything feels well put together, robust and will probably withstand harsh treatment from its passengers, especially when they are kids. There's no denying that Toyota has gone for a more practical approach, which some might actually prefer over an interior which is trendy.

But then again, the Honda does have those amazing ULTRA seats at the rear, which might come in handy if you need to haul large and tall items.


2022 Honda HR-V e:HEV engine

Despite both being hybrids, they both actually feel different in operation. In our opinion, the Honda HR-V's hybrid powertrain feels like a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) that's just highly refined. It's smooth like an electric vehicle but with the vibrations and sounds of a combustion engine.

The Toyota Corolla Cross, on the other hand, feels like it has two characteristics, depending on which mode it is in. At low speeds, where it can sometimes rely mostly on the electric motor, it does pass off as an electric vehicle, but when the engine kicks in, the Toyota just feels as rough as any other vehicle that has an ICE. 

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid engine

If you are in slow-moving traffic most of the time, then the Corolla Cross is pleasantly futuristic, but if you're driving at higher speeds, then the crossover just feels as archaic as any other non-electrified car as it heavily relies on the engine. 


Both cars are neck and neck in the safety department. The HR-V is kitted with the latest Honda Sensing suite of safety features, and the Corolla Cross is equipped with latest Toyota Safety Sense.

2022 Honda HR-V safety and 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross safety They both have enough safety and driving assistance features that can help drivers avoid hazards as well as make life easier. The Toyota does pip the Honda, but only because it has one extra airbag and a 360-degree camera (have to check again). But all in all, they both have a good amount of safety kit.


Both the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid and the Honda HR-V RS e:HEV are fantastic cars. In their own right, they have something unique to offer potential buyers. If you had to choose one, it'd probably boil down to which look you prefer and what's available.

CKD 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid

If you prefer a traditional, muscular and rugged-looking crossover, then the Toyota is for you, but if you like to match your trendy clothes with a svelte-looking car, then the HR-V would be the better choice.

The reason why we say it'll boil down to looks is that they are pretty evenly matched. Yes, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid will probably ask less from your wallet when it comes to the dreaded re-fuelling time, but the Honda HR-V e:HEV is not too bad either. 

2022 Honda HR-V Malaysia

They are both comfortable, easy and fun to drive. The Honda however does make you feel like you are sitting in a coupe which should give you that sporty feel, while the Corolla Cross has a more easy-going but commanding feel to it.

We can ramble on and compare the two all day, but in all honesty, at this current juncture, you'll probably just get what's readily available because the news from the grapevine is there are long waiting lists for either crossover. Luckily they are both worth waiting for! 

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