All-New 2016 Toyota Prius PHV Could Have Three Times The Electric Range

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All-New 2016 Toyota Prius PHV Could Have Three Times The Electric Range

Based on the third-generation Toyota Prius (XW30), the plug-in hybrid version of the iconic model wasn’t very impressive with an electric-only range of just 18km before the petrol engine kicks in.

Thankfully, the second generation of the Toyota Prius PHV may receive a boost to its electric-only capabilities according to Green Car Reports which could see the Prius PHV run on electricity alone for a range of around 48-56km, a considerable upgrade indeed. Only the Chevrolet Volt bests this rumoured figure with an impressive 61km electric-only range.  

The report also said that the next-generation Prius PHV will only follow after the conventional hybrid model makes its debut, which is expected within the coming months. Production of the current Prius PHV has already ended as of last month.

Earlier in the month, leaked images which purportedly gives us a first look at the design of both the fourth-generation Toyota Prius in conventional hybrid and plug-in hybrid models found their way onto the internet with distinctive visual differences to separate the two. Accompanying those images are details of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system which receives an update as well.

Test mules of the all-new Prius has already been sighted testing in the United States and Thailand so it shouldn’t be too long till a global reveal happens, rumoured to be at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

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