All The Cars James Bond Drives In No Time To Die - The Hero Car Is Unexpectedly A Sensible One

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All The Cars James Bond Drives In No Time To Die - The Hero Car Is Unexpectedly A Sensible One

From ridiculous to sensible, here are the most noteworthy cars in the latest Bond movie, No Time To Die.

There's no denying it, James Bond movies are always full of action, witty remarks, beautiful landscapes as well as an impressive lineup of cars. Ever since Dr. No in 1962, every Bond movie has more or less featured iconic cars, which some consider to be one of the highlights of a Bond movie. 

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021

The latest Bond movie, No Time To Die, is no exception to this formula and features a myriad of vehicles. The cars that appear in the movie include a couple of breathtaking Aston Martins, many new and old generation Land Rovers and a surprising Japanese car.

We will try our best not to spoil it for those who have not seen it, but here is every noteworthy car featured in the latest bond movie, No Time To Die.

Aston Martin DB5, No Time To Die1. Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 is as synonymous with James Bond as much as James is. It's actually featured more times than any other actor playing James Bond. Since it is such an iconic piece of Bond movie mania, it is befitting that the DB5 gets to be in one of the most significant action scenes, right at the very beginning of the movie.

Bulletproof glass, machine guns out of the headlights, smoke out the rear, beautifully revving engine, what is there not to like about the DB5!

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021, Aston Martin Vantage2. Aston Martin V8 Saloon (Vantage)

Timothy Dalton was the only Bond that used the Vantage until Daniel Craig pulled it out of a dusty garage in London in No Time To Die.

Launched a decade before Timothy Dalton's Bond debut, the V8 Saloon was both the fastest four-seat production car of its day and Britain's first true 'supercar'. The scene was pretty much like the scene in Spectre, where Bond pulled the covers off the DB5.

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021, Aston Martin Superleggera3. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

It's pretty hard to say who was using the Superleggera without giving the movie away, but let's just say it was a new age agent. If there were to be so many Astons in a Bond movie, we're pretty sure that they could not omit the Superleggera, as it is the flagship of the current Aston Martin range. The DBS does make quite an entrance in the film.

Aston has even made 25 examples of the exact car in the recent Bond movie, each built to the same specification as the film car used in No Time To Die. 

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021, Land rover Series 34. Land Rover Series III

What Bond would be complete without a Land Rover, and it's surprising to see that the Director used a Series 3 as the car of choice for James instead of the 2021 Defender.

One of the most iconic British motors ever assembled, the Series 3 is definitely timeless, as proven by James in No Time To Die. If it's good enough for 007, we're pretty sure it's good enough for anybody, even if it was just a joyride vehicle in Jamaica.

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021, Defender5. 2021 Land Rover Defender

Craig's Bond has driven several modern Land Rovers, but this time it's the turn of the baddies to be behind one.

Just like the DB5, the 2021 Defender plays a significant role in one of the movie's largest action scenes, jumping over small hills, off-road terrain only to be beaten by Bond, who was driving an unexpected non-British vehicle.

James Bond, No Time To Die, 2021, Toyota Prado6. Toyota Prado J90

The last time Bond drove a Toyota was way back in 1967, in You Only Live Twice. It was a 2000GT, and was pretty much a total surprise. However, this time, the Toyota that James drives is a much bigger surprise as he is dashing away in a Toyota Prado J90, escaping from baddies who were driving cars that would be more suited to James.

We suppose it is in line with what Craig's Bond is in the movie, a reliable agent and fxxxxx (you'll have to watch the movie to know what we mean) who just needs a reliable vehicle to do Bond things! 


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