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Apple Isn't Going to Buy or Invest in McLaren (Yet)

Aswan September 22, 2016 09:13

A couple of hours ago, the internet was set ablaze when the Financial Times posted a report that Apple was looking to acquire McLaren (yes, the McLaren). Since then, Apple has declined to comment when they were reached out to, and McLaren has flat out denied any investments or attempts at acquisition on the part of Apple. But as it was also reported, a few months ago there were negotiations between Apple and McLaren taking place- negotiations which very well may have fallen through.

As many automotive publications have suggested, Apple may have been attempting to acquire or partner up with McLaren in order to gain access to McLaren's various technologies and production processes when it comes to manufacturing cars which are both strong and lightweight. Naturally the performance aspect is something that may not align with Apple's values, considering that they are looking at producing an all-electric autonomous car, but there is still a lot that could be ported over from the Woking-based supercar manufacturer. 

In the grand scheme of things, however, would it be so bad to have Apple acquire or become a major shareholder in McLaren? Despite releasing new supercar after new supercar with each passing year, it has been reported that McLaren may be making a loss on its products- a loss to the tune of GBP 24.6 Million in 2014. That's a worrying amount of money to be bleeding, despite whatever long term goals the company has- and if figures were right and Apple were really to invest or acquire the group for GBP 1.5 billion, it would certainly help to keep the lights on. Whether or not that would affect McLaren's direction as a brand is another question entirely. 

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