ASEAN NCAP – Zero Star For Renault Kwid, Two For MG3

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ASEAN NCAP – Zero Star For Renault Kwid, Two For MG3

The results of two car models tested by the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) has just been announced, and the results are quite shocking.

In this quarter, the models that are tested, and are also exclusively available only in Thailand and India respectively, are the MG 3 and Renault Kwid.

The Renault Kwid, a Perodua Axia-sized hatchback made in India for the Indian domestic market scored a zero-star rating.

In the frontal impact assessment, the Kwid only scored 7.29 out of a possible 16. The crash test dummies registered shocking results, with the readings showed that both occupants sustained serious injuries to the chest in both frontal and side impact.

For comparison, the Perodua Axia tested in 2014 scored 12.91 out of 16 in the front impact assessment. 

The Perodua Axia registered a much better protection for the head and chest.

As a result of the poor side and head impact protection (zero scores), the Kwid only managed a total of 10.12 out of a possible 36 in AOP category under the current 2017-2020 protocol.

With no advanced safety assists (even lacking the basic anti-lock braking system), the Kwid model’s total score is 24.68, earning it zero stars.

As for the MG 3, a B-segment hatchback that competes against the likes of Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, and Suzuki Swift performed so badly in the frontal impact assessment that it registered a zero score.

The crash test dummy at the driver's seat registered a reading that translated to a very poor protection for the head and considered to have sustained serious injury. 

However, the MG 3 fared well in the side impact, scoring 14.09 out of a possible 16. The standard fitment of ABS and ESC also helped the MG 3 model’s overall score, totalling to 48.80, earning it a two star-rating.

Both vehicles were tested at MIROS PC3 laboratory that is located in Melaka.

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ASEAN NCAP Secretary-General, Ir. Dr Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim said, “We are truly disappointed to find that there are still cars out there that do not offer a high degree of safety levels to its occupants in the ASEAN region. What is more disappointing is that these cars are sold in countries that recorded one of the highest numbers of road fatalities; in which WHO published Thailand with 14,059 fatalities while Indonesia had 26,416 number of road fatalities,”

“Safer vehicle is one of the main pillars that can contribute to the betterment of road safety in this region. Therefore, we hope there will be positive co-operation from car manufacturers to significantly improve the safety performance of their cars in the future,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, with such large discrepancies between the ASEAN model’s results and other regions, Global NCAP Secretary-General, Mr David Ward has expressed his concerns.

“It’s very disturbing to see such a poor result for the Kwid. Renault has shown that they can make a much safer version in Latin America, so why not in South East Asia too? Different regions and double standards from Renault is deeply disappointing!”

Learn more about the ASEAN NCAP:

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