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Aston Martin DB10 And Jaguar C-X75 From Spectre Do Battle In Official Peek

Jim Kem May 4, 2015 12:30

The upcoming James Bond film due out in November 2015, number 24 in the series called Spectre, is by all indications going to be worth the excitement and the wait. It’ll be worth it to have an extensive look at the bespoke Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75. 

We’ve seen other instances of both cars in Rome shooting chase scenes for the movie on amateur video, but this is the first time the production has released their own footage behind the scenes and it gives us the clearest picture yet of what we can expect come Nov 6th.

Dave Bautista’s character, the baddie Mr. Hinx, will be piloting the Jag while Daniel Craig as 007 in the DB10 tries to escape by driving as fast and as sideways as possible. I’ve always wondered why Bond is usually the one doing the fleeing instead of the chasing. 

Hopefully, Bond can outmanoeuvre his pursuer and keep both doors on his Aston attached this time. With the amount of screen time that is given to the cars, I think there’s room to forgive him even if he does wreck another car. He does have a history of doing so. 


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