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Audi Wants To Sell 800,000 Electric Cars In 2025

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Audi Wants To Sell 800,000 Electric Cars In 2025

By the year 2025, Audi plans to have hit a total production and sales volume of 800,000 electrified vehicles - i.e. fully electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. That's an ambitious goal to have, but it's very much a part of the Vorsprung durch Technik spirit that lives on at Audi. They're looking at becoming number one among luxury manufacturers, with products suitable for everyday use, uncompromised, and delivering driving pleasure to boot. 

2025 is also the year that Audi plans to have electrification across the board, so it's less of an unachievable target when you blend the current sales figures from Audi into a potential expansion of the range through the introduction of all-electric cars like the Audi e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron GT, and so on and so forth. Production for these electric cars are slated to be at Ingolstadt and Neckarslum to begin, and there are over 20 electrified models to be launched over the next 7 years. 

Development of these electric models come as a mixture of the Volkswagen Moduler Electric Toolkit, and a joint platform for electric luxury vehicles developed by Audi and Porsche - one which will be scalable for various sizes of electric cars. On the infrastructure side, Audi's joint venture with Ionity is starting to see results, as their e-tron will be the first car to use a 150 kilowatt charging station. In just under 30 minutes, the e-tron will be ready for its next long haul, with a maximum range of over 400 kilometres. 

Audi is looking at more than just environmentally-friendly cars, as the common criticism of electric cars has been environmentally unfriendly production. The e-tron was the first premium car to be certified as carbon-neutral in production for high production volumes, and this treatment will be extended to all of Audi's production centres by 2030. By 2025, roughly 40 billion Euros will be put into this endeavour, developing areas like e-mobility, autonomous driving, and digitization. 


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