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BMW 100 Years Anniversary – Mercedes-Benz Museum Opens Doors to BMW Employees

Kon March 3, 2016 08:16

The deep-seated rivalry between Mercedes-Benz and BMW is intense, but ahead of the latter’s centenary celebrations coming up next week on 7 March, the former has announced a classy tribute to its fiercest yet most-respected rival.

For the whole week from 8 to 13 March, employees of BMW will enjoy free admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart whilst members of the public arriving in a BMW vehicle get complimentary parking on the hill directly in front of the museum.

Additionally, a complimentary Swabian specialty meal will be served to the first 50 BMW employees who walk the museum’s tour that celebrates Mercedes-Benz’s own 130-year long history that started with Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invention of the automobile.

"We warmly congratulate the globally renowned company BMW on its anniversary and invite all employees of BMW AG to discover the complete history of the automobile at the Mercedes-Benz Museum," says Ralf Glaser, Head of Press and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Classic.

"The unique exhibition at our museum, which opened at its new location ten years ago, takes visitors throughout the history of the automobile from its earliest beginnings – always in the context of the given historical and cultural background and contemporary innovative developments," he continued

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