Bridgestone Launches Hazard Warranty Program

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Bridgestone Launches Hazard Warranty Program

At the start of the month, Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia launched the Bridgestone Hazard Warranty Programme (HWP), a tyre warranty programme that offers Free tyre replacement for Bridgestone tyres that have been damaged due to road hazards. Effective 1st April 2019, HWP is applicable to all Bridgestone brand passenger car tyres, MPV and SUV tyres, 4x4 tyres (H/T, H/P & H/L) that are 17” and above which are officially purchased from participating Bridgestone dealers in Peninsular Malaysia.

However, the All-Terrain (A/T) & Mud-Terrain (M/T) tyre categories which are designed for on- and off-road operation are not eligible for this programme. “Bridgestone Hazard Warranty Programme is a value added programme aside from the existing Bridgestone standard tyre warranty. HWP provides 1-for-1 tyre replacement at no charge for tyre damage that is beyond repair caused by road hazards.” said Mr. Yuichiro Shirai, the Managing Director of Bridgestone Tyre Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

“We are happy that more than 200 dealers are participating in this programme, enabling us to extend this warranty programme to our customers throughout Peninsular Malaysia. With the launch of the HWP, we believe that our customers will be able to have better peace of mind using our tyres” he continued. Fo the convenience of the customer to enjoy the coverage of HWP, the registration of the tyres purchased will be done online here.

Registration must be done within 14 days from the date of invoice and HWP warranty is valid for 6 months from the date of invoice. For more details of HWP and to find out the list of participating dealers, kindly visit here.

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