Caltex To Introduce Euro 4M RON 97 Fuel Come September

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Caltex To Introduce Euro 4M RON 97 Fuel Come September

Following several other fuel brands to have introduced the Euro 4M emission grade of RON 97 petrol in Malaysia, Chevron, through its retail brand Caltex, has fallen next in line to move towards the cleaner fuel.

The new fuel, Caltex Euro 4M Premium 97 with Techron, will only be available come the 1st of September, and is expected to be rolled out in stages to all Caltex stations nationwide, in accordance with the government mandate to do so. The Malaysian supply of Caltex will come from the company's refinery in Singapore.

On top of the low sulphur content dictated by Euro 4M standards (500ppm to 50ppm now), users of the cleaner grade of RON 97 will also benefit from lower benzene content (5% to 3.5% mass) and reduced vapour pressure – the latter ensuring that the fuel doesn’t nearly evaporate as quickly, when being poured into your tank, or at rest.

Obviously, the end game for the new grade of RON 97 petrol is to reduce harmful exhaust emissions, and to ensure better operation of your vehicle’s engines – high-sulphur fuel such as the Euro 2M (500ppm) previously, emitted harmful soot particles and carbon dioxide into the environment.

For now, the authorities look to only be mandating the need for RON 97 Euro 4M petrol, while further enforcement of a Euro 5 grade diesel is to come sometime in the future.

Unlike BHP and Petronas, Caltex hasn’t made any announcements towards Euro 5 grade diesel, just yet.

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