Chandan Thakur Installed As New Head Of Michelin Malaysia

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Chandan Thakur Installed As New Head Of Michelin Malaysia

The newly appointed Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Chandan Thakur, will succeed Beltran Yturriaga, who has moved to Michelin’s regional office in Bangkok where he now where he will serve as Distribution Development Manager, East Asia and Oceania. 

Chandan, a 41-year old is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Bangalore, India, has had a long and esteemed career with the Michelin Group since 1999, being the Country Sales Manager, Passenger Cars and Light Trucks in Malayssia from June 2007 to April 2011.

He then moved on become the Country Sales Manager, Passenger Cars and Light Trucks in India from May 2011 to April 2013. Prior to his transfer to Malaysia, he was the Distribution Development Manager, East Asia and Oceania at Michelin's Bangkok office.

Chandan, in his new role as Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, aims to build on Michelin’s double-digit sales growth that it has enjoyed in recent years, further expanding the company’s footprint and customer loyalty while leveraging Michelin’s technology and innovation to deliver effective and competitive solutions to customers.

“Malaysians are very proud and discerning motorists, well informed and demand the highest value proposition for their vehicle, regardless whether they drive a MyVi, SUV or luxury car.

“We aim to leverage our growing network of TYREPLUS outlets and offer professional counsel to meet the driving styles and preferences of our customers. While the primary objective would be to prescribe MICHELIN as a tyre of choice, we do not adopt a one size fits all policy at our multi-brand stores and offer customers the flexibility to make informed choices. Safety, longevity, fuel saving, comfort and driving pleasure is the core of our DNA in offering our customers MICHELIN Total Performance,” Chandan said.

While the expansion of the TYREPLUS network remains a top priority, Chandan adds that Michelin is also focusing on its speacialised truck and bus service centres located at strategic areas throughout Malaysia to be closer to fleets and meet their specific needs more effectively.


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Jim Kem

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