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This Chart of Hypothetical Alfa Romeo Models is A Dozen Shapes of Awesome

Daniel Wong July 20, 2015 14:05

If Alfa Romeo’s sensuous new Giulia has rekindled your lust for the brand, then this chart of renderings of hypothetical Alfa Romeo models from Italian graphic artist and Alfa Romeo fan, Lorenzo Prati, will definitely cause uncontrollable bouts of drooling. 

Prati’s renderings takes the sleek front fascia of the new Giulia and adapts it onto 11 other body styles, from the Giulietta hatchback, to the Alfa Romeo GT-like Giulia Coupe, a revived Alfetta sedan, the upcoming Kamal SUV, and even the heralded 6C sports car. 

This chart isn't the real deal from Alfa Romeo, but we know for sure that Alfa Romeo is already hard at work with building a range of SUV models, a large sedan, and a 6C sports car, though we don't have a clue of what they would look like as of now. Here is to hoping that secretly behind closed doors, these future Alfa Romeo models would assume shapes that are close to Parti's imaginations. 

In the meantime, check out Lorenzo Prati’s Facebook page for more imaginative works of Alfa Romeo fan art. 

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