CIMB Auto & Property Mart – Credible Avenue for Used Car Bargains


CIMB Auto & Property Mart – Credible Avenue for Used Car Bargains

Malaysians seeking to purchase used cars are likely to do so from either a dealer or directly from an owner. Many, however, do not realise the existence of a third avenue to procure used cars – public auctions.  

More often than not, information about these public auctions only reach a very small number of people, and most of them are used car dealers themselves seeking to replenish their own stocks. For the members of the public, many among the small number of people who hear about these auctions know little on the whereabouts of these auctions or even how to proceed. 

Because public auctions have been shrouded in mystery amongst the public, many have formed negative perceptions and mistrust towards auctions. The general assumption is that cars sold through auctions are in poor shape and badly maintained.  But they will realize that that is not true if they attend one of CIMB’s Auto & Property Mart auctions. Truth be told, the CIMB Auto & Property Mart is as legit, credible, and as trustworthy as a public auction can get. 

Not only does CIMB aim to provide members of the public with a credible avenue to secure their dream vehicles at attractive prices, but the CIMB Auto & Property Mart is also a fair one-stop hub that offers a vast selection of real estates and motor vehicles, open for all members of the public to make a bid to purchase. 

Why should you consider CIMB Auto & Property Mart?

* Comprehensive – A vast selection of motor vehicles for potential buyers to choose from.

* Convenient – Gain access to a wide selection of motor vehicles deals for investment or personal use. Buyers also avoid the hassle of lengthy negotiation processes.

* Credible – Pre-purchase consultations is offered by CIMB Auto & Property Mart’s experienced customer relations personnel at no charge. 

* Good deals – Most cars that are being auctioned come at a significantly more affordable price than the market price. 

That said, there are a number of vital things which you need to know before attending an auction, such as:

What is an auction vehicle?

An auction vehicle is a private or commercial vehicle which sold through a process that is competitive and open namely bidding by the interested buyers. The buyer who makes the highest bid once hammer falls during the auction process will get to buy the vehicle as long as the bid price meets or exceeds the reserve price.

Interested buyers are encouraged to understand all processes and procedures before making an auction vehicle purchase. You may contact CIMB Auto & Property Mart for further enquiries.

What to do before an auction

  1. Check out the latest auction listing from CIMB Auto & Property Mart and identify your desired vehicle according to your selection criteria and budget. 
  2. View the vehicle at appointed store yard within 4 working days before the auction date. Ensure the engine and chassis number is tally with provided information.
  3. Get a copy of Proclamation of Sale (POS) and Condition of Sale (COS). Make sure you read this information in advance.
  4. Check all relevant details of vehicles being auctioned. 

Now that you’re well aware about the basics of CIMB Auto & Property Mart and what to lookout for before an auction, the next step is obviously making your way to the event itself! 

In case you’re wondering where and when the upcoming CIMB Auto & Property Mart auctions are going to take place, please refer to the table below: 

For more information, log on to or call 1-300-88-0811 or email CIMB Auto & Property Mart at

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