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Food Delivery Riders To Go On Strike TODAY (5 August 2022)

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Food Delivery Riders To Go On Strike TODAY (5 August 2022)

Get those woks and frying pans out today folks, food delivery riders are going on a strike today (5 August 2022).

With higher costs of living, unfair compensation, and more work to be done than ever, the delivery riders are indeed feeling the pressure. Riders on social media have been sharing the strike which will last for 24 hours with accompanying hashtags like #OffSatuHari, #24HourNoShift, and #NaikkanFare.

The strike today is planned to create awareness among the companies that employ them by claiming that they're earning less despite completing more deliveries, especially for deliveries that take a longer time and distance to complete.

food delivery rider blackout protest malaysia 2022*Image credit: Malay Mail

Fair wages to compensate for time and effort on the road

Fazal Kamarudin, the founder of, commented "We have to understand that riders are facing various challenges such as having a limited amount of time to complete some deliveries. If they don't perform the delivery on time, they will see their ratings drop and could affect future earnings. What they are asking for is fair wages to compensate for their time and effort on the road."

It has been estimated that around 40% of the riders will partake in the protest, while others are still grinding it out to earn their daily wages. Foodpanda has been actively working to mitigate the situation, while Grab and other companies have yet to comment regarding the protest.

food delivery rider blackout protest malaysia 2022*Image credit:

Standard delivery rates proposed

Abdul Hakim Abdul Rani, the vice-president of the Malaysian P-Hailing Riders’ Association, stated "First of all, we would like to clarify that we are not the ones who initiated the protest. But we support this effort because we understand what the riders are going through."

The NGO that supports these delivery riders has also proposed a standard rate of RM5 for the first 5km of the delivery. For every kilometre after that, an RM0.80 charge should be applied, which should help the riders to be more compensated in the particular segment of the gig economy.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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