Send Your Dashcam Footage To PDRM If You Catch P-Hailing Riders Riding Dangerously

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Send Your Dashcam Footage To PDRM If You Catch P-Hailing Riders Riding Dangerously

PDRM is going all out in trying to catch law-breaking p-hailing (food delivery companies) riders and has even asked the public to get involved.

According to a report made by AstroAwani, road users have been asked to share their dashcam video footage if they see a p-hailing rider violating traffic laws or riding dangerously.

Supt. Azman Shariat

Head of Selangor Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT), Superintendent Azman Shariat, said that his department received complaints from various parties regarding the behaviour of p-hailing riders who often ride dangerously.

"Saya menyeru kepada pengguna jalan raya jika kesan penunggang p-hailing yang melanggar peraturan supaya menghantar rakaman video dashcam menerusi Facebook JSPT Selangor dan kita akan ambil tindakan susulan. Kesalahan ketara yang boleh menyebabkan kemalangan adalah melanggar lampu isyarat merah, abai lalu lintas termasuk menunggang secara melawan arus dan kesalahan tertinggi adalah menunggang tanpa lesen," said Azman.

p-hailing riders Malaysia

He also continued saying that operations will be carried out in several locations where there are frequent law violations involving p-hailing riders. 

He also pleaded to the riders to be lawful and that in the pursuit of livelihood, we must not neglect the safety of ourselves and other road users as many families wait at home for the safe return of every road user.

On top of the special p-haling operations, he said that regular and continuous motorcycle operations would also be carried out, not only focusing on p-hailing riders but all road users as a whole.

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