Rise In E-Hailing Delivery Rider Accidents Is Worrying

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Rise In E-Hailing Delivery Rider Accidents Is Worrying

Ever since the pandemic hit us, there has been a rise in demand for food delivery riders due largely to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, that rise however has also caused a rise in accidents involving e-hailing riders. 

While this rise in demand has provided people with fast foods and more jobs, it's a bit concerning that a total of 347 accidents have been recorded by the police involving e-hailing food delivery riders in the first seven months of this year.

Revealing this concern, Bukit Aman Deputy Director of Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT), Datuk Mohd Nadzri Hussain, said that out of the total, 48 cases involved fatal accidents while the others involved minor and severe injuries.

Data collected from January 2020 to July 2021 across the country showed that out of the 347 accidents, 48 were fatal while the rest were severe or minor injuries.

For 2020, e-hailing drivers and riders recorded 17 deaths, 10 severe cases and 64 with minor injuries.

However, the number of road accidents involving the group has seen a drastic rise this year.

"Jika dilihat dari Januari hingga Julai 2021 sahaja, sebanyak 31 kes kematian direkodkan membabitkan penunggang e-hailing manakala 26 mangsa cedera parah dan 199 cedera ringan," he said to Harian Metro.

E-hailing operation JSPTInfographic source: Harian Metro

One of the reasons for this rise in cases involving the group boils down to them not complying with the law regarding movement and traffic rules.

"Antaranya mereka melanggar lampu isyarat merah, menggunakan telefon bimbit, tidak memakai topi keledar, berhenti di petak kuning dan tiada lesen memandu dan cukai jalan. Selain itu kesalahan lain dikesan adalah membabitkan ubah suai kenderaan dan kesalahan berkaitan teknikal seperti nombor pendaftaran tidak ikut spesifikasi," he said.

Datuk Mohd Nadzri HussainImage credit: astroawani

According to JSPT's study and statistics, the offences often committed by those involved were violating traffic lights, using mobile phones and not wearing helmets.

This is one of the major causes of accidents involving e-hailing riders, which continues to increase and is really beginning to get out of hand.

However, the number of summons for e-hailing offences could not be provided specifically as he said the enforcement is comprehensive on all motorcyclists.

He added that the number of summonses issued against motorcyclists for traffic light violations amounted to 47,393 from January 1, 2020, to July 2021.

E-hailing riders racing

With this being said, JSPT advises all e-hailing drivers and riders to always abide by the laws and regulations of the road to ensure safety on the road for the well-being of themselves and the people.

"Kerja mereka mencari rezeki halal dengan menjadi penghantar makanan terutama ketika pandemik COVID-19 ini memang mulia kerana memudahkan orang ramai mendapatkan makanan tanpa perlu keluar rumah".

But what's the point of endangering themselves by violating traffic laws that end up threatening their own lives, he added.

So dear e-hailing riders and drivers, we know a hungry man is an angry man, but please do not rush or break the law in an attempt to appease stomachs, we understand that you need to stop for red lights!

















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