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For under RM30k this Geely could be Malaysia’s EV Mesra Rakyat in 2024

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For under RM30k this Geely could be Malaysia’s EV Mesra Rakyat in 2024

The appropriately named Panda Mini by Geely is a micro EV that the majority of electric-curious buyers should really be clamouring for, especially if there’s a chance that it’ll be sold within Malaysian borders.

Originally called the M2, this city runabout was originally parked under the Geely Group’s Geometry marque but got shifted to the Geely nameplate. In its home market of China, the Panda Mini goes up against other micro EVs such as the Wuling Mini and Chery QQ Ice Cream.

Geely Panda Mini

The tiny Geely measures just 3,065 mm in length, 1,522 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,015 mm. For a little context, it’s even dwarfed by the relatively petite Perodua Axia.

In terms of its styling, that front end does bear a resemblance to the Honda e with its rounded headlights, but won’t cost nearly as much with an equivalent starting price of just around RM25k (between 40,000 to 60,000 Yuan).

2023 Honda e Limited Edition

In its base configuration, the Panda Mini is equipped with a 9.6kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP)  battery that’s good for 120km of range (CLTC), powering a 27PS/85Nm electric motor.

Pay extra and that gets upgraded to a larger 17kWh battery that grants a CLTC range of 200km while feeding a 41PS/110Nm motor.

Geely Panda Mini - GEOME

Despite its diminutive size, it offers decent cabin amenities such as a 9.2-inch instrument panel and an 8-inch central touchscreen display to handle infotainment duties. There’s even a rearview camera, parking sensors, and a variety of interior colour combinations to choose from.

It’s not too far fetched to imagine the Geometry brand entering Malaysia as we have heard rumblings of Lynk & Co planning to carve a beachhead here for quite some time.

Geely Panda Mini

Should that transpire, the Panda Mini shouldn’t be too far behind, especially given that it’s likely we’ll see the similarly sized and priced Wuling Air EV making its local debut in 2024.

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