Fuji Heavy Industries to be known as Subaru Corporation from 2017

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Fuji Heavy Industries to be known as Subaru Corporation from 2017

In conjunction with the company’s 100th anniversary next year, Fuji Heavy Industries has announced that it is planning to change its name to Subaru Corporation in April 2017 in an effort to emphasize on the company's automotive business. It is said that the decision was made at the company’s 85th General Meeting of Shareholders which took place yesterday.

By unifying its corporate name and brand name on the 100th anniversary of the 1917 founding of Nakajima Aircraft, the Company said that it will further accelerate its current efforts to enhance the Subaru brand and achieve greater growth for Subaru as a distinctive global brand in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Taking a new step with the new corporate name, Fuji Heavy Industries added that it aims to further strengthen its efforts to seek sustainable growth by offering Subaru’s distinctive value of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to customers worldwide, pursuant to its management philosophy of aiming to be “a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon its customer-first principle.”

The origins of FHI date back to the foundation of the Aircraft Research Laboratory (later to become Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd.) in 1917. After going through a number of reorganizations, FHI was established under its current name in 1953. Since then, the Company has expanded its businesses ranging from aerospace and industrial products segments to its primary business of Subaru automobiles which began with the introduction of the Subaru 360 minicar in 1958.

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