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Generate Up To RM320,000 By Installing An EV Charger On Your Parking Lot?

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Generate Up To RM320,000 By Installing An EV Charger On Your Parking Lot?

More and more EV charging companies are popping up in Malaysia, but perhaps ChargeSini is offering the most unique feature - by helping to generate income and making some 'mad bread'.

How is that even possible? ChargeSini is just like any other 'pay-as-you-use' service and even a subscription plan for charging electric vehicles, but they're currently looking into expanding its charging network to businesses and even residences. EV owners can download its app soon to gain access to its ever-growing network.

chargesini ev charging station charger side income malaysia

Yearly net profit from RM64,000 to RM320,000?

To attract the interest of businesses and private homeowners, ChargeSini is claiming that the parking lots that have been fitted with its EV chargers can generate a sizeable side income between RM64,000 to RM320,000 annually.

ChargeSini is also offering its services to residents living in apartments to 'upgrade' their parking lot into an EV charging bay. We're guessing that for each use, the owner will make pocket a percentage of that profit depending on the type of charger installed at the particular lot. The best part? They'll even contact the apartment's management for you!

chargesini ev charging station charger side income malaysia

AC & DC chargers up to 140kW available

ChargeSini together with Sangitech is offering six different AC and DC chargers ranging from 7kW up to 140kW. Each IP65-certified EV charger comes with a two-year warranty and we're assuming that the bigger the power, the better the chances of you making money every time someone uses it to charge their EVs.

Once the app is ready to launch, ChargeSini claims that there will be around 2,400 public charging points but for now, there are a couple of them listed on PlugShare (located at Raytech Kajang and Bangi). If you have a parking lot located in a prime location, this could be a very interesting side income venture for you.


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Sep Irran Halid

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