Honda's S660 Gets Dressed in Retro Goodness at Tokyo Auto Salon


Displayed at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Neo Classic Concept is basically a S660 roadster underneath with every exterior panel except for its doors being replaced. Made by volunteers at Honda Access, Honda’s accessories division, the Neo Classic Concept was the result of an internal design competition.  

From what we can see from pictures from Car Watch, the S660’s original sharp angular front lights are replaced with huge round items from the ‘N-ONE’ kei-car, whereas its rear deck now features two sloping flanks that stretch from the B-pillar, which holds the S660’s targa top, all the way to its pert new tail.

Though the Neo Classic Concept retains the S660’s removable targa top, its ‘N-ONE’ headlights and taillights, together with its new sloping profile blends seamlessly to give it a fastback appearance of Honda’s earliest passenger cars, the S600 and S800 coupés.  

Unfortunately like most of the displays at Tokyo Auto Salon, the Neo Classic Concept is just another demonstration of what Honda Access could do to Honda’s existing model range, and not something S660 owners would be able to buy off the shelf anytime soon. 

Daniel Wong

Born with a sizable cranium that is only humbled by Rubens Barrichello's, Daniel doesn't care much for numbers or figures but the immediate sensations and experiences one gets from a drive. To him a measure of a good car is one that does what it was set out to do well. A great car is one that draws a smile on your face with a quality that isn't quantifiable and keeps it there.


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