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Jaguar Land Rover Unveils Their Spectre Cars To Take Down Bond

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Jaguar Land Rover Unveils Their Spectre Cars To Take Down Bond

James Bond and his Aston Martin DB10 may be hogging the limelight in the lead up to the release of Spectre, and if you’re rooting for the bad guys (like some of us) in the latest entry of the iconic film franchise, good news! Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) recently unveiled their own arsenal which will go head-to-head against Q’s latest offering.

Unveiled recently at an event ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show are a series of Jaguar and Land Rover stunt vehicles which included the Range Rover Sport SVR, Land Rover Defender, and the show-stopping Jaguar C-X75.

You may have seen the Jaguar C-X75 as it pursued Bond’s DB10 on the streets of Rome, keeping the Aston Martin on its toes. However, the concept vehicle first appeared at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, where the two-seater supercar packed a 778hp hybrid four-wheel drive powertrain. Jaguar had intended to produce the car in limited numbers, priced around £900,000 (RM5,916,980) but due to the onset of the global financial crisis, the project was cancelled.

In the Rome chase scene, the Spectre C-X75 is driven by Hinx (played by David “Batista” Bautista). Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) worked with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop the car for the movie although no specifications about it was mentioned. We’re guessing Jaguar are more than willing to play the role as the villain as it is in line with their hugely popular ‘Good to be Bad’ campaign.

Joining the Spectre vehicle fleet alongside the Jaguar are specially modified Land Rover Defenders that are fitted enormous 37-inch diameter off-road tyres and enhanced body protection to tackle the challenging terrain of the snow-covered mountain roads used for filming. These features are courtesy of the JLR Special Vehicle Operations division. It also helps that the most powerful Land Rover ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR is at the disposal of Spectre operatives.


Spectre is scheduled to open in cinemas on November 6, 2015.

Gallery: 2015 Jaguar Land Rover Spectre Bond Cars

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