Kia’s SportSpace Concept Greenlit For Production, Optima Wagon Ahead

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Kia’s SportSpace Concept Greenlit For Production, Optima Wagon Ahead

Alongside their new Optima sedan, Kia has let fly that there’s ample room and probability of the imminent arrival of a new body style variant to go along with it. 

Kia mentioned that the new model, should it materialize, would take inspiration from the Sportspace concept. This was uttered during the pre-Frankfurt Motor Show reveal of the European-spec Optima.

The quote from Kia goes:

“The all-new Kia Optima range will be developed further in future, with the addition of a new body style, inspired by the Kia SPORTSPACE concept car shown at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show.”

While they did not specify a wagon body style, the SportSpace concept is nothing but just that with its shooting brake shape, coupe-like cues, and sharp but flowing curves. The response at the Geneva Motor Show was overwhelmingly positive. It’s no wonder Kia would want to capitalize.

We can’t expect Kia to follow the concept’s design to the letter, but the defining attributes that were crowd-pleasers are sure to make the cut, or at least be in contention to. We’re fine with that, and if the final product is half as pretty as the concept was, we think everyone else will be too.

Wagon/Estate models might not be the biggest seller worldwide, but Kia could do worse than have to live with a very pretty car to show off in their showrooms.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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