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Traveling to vote for GE15: Tips to get your car ready for that trip back home


Traveling to vote for GE15: Tips to get your car ready for that trip back home

With GE15 just around the corner, many of us will be travelling long distances in November to conduct our statutory duties, so it's best we check on our cars to see whether they are fit to go on a long journey. 

With the announcement that polling would be held on November 19, the GE15 circus is officially underway, and undoubtedly many of us will be travelling back to our home town on this date to elect our preferred candidate.

GE15 Malaysia

With long journeys and major congestion expected to take place around the date, it's best we get our cars in tip-top condition to avoid any breakdowns. 

If you have been keeping your car in good nick, it still won't hurt to give it a second look as you want it to be in its best possible condition, especially if it has to go through the expected congested roads in the upcoming weeks.

To help you stay on top of your car, we've listed some things you should be looking at.

1.Tyre condition

General election Malaysia

The problem is that tyre wear can creep up on you, and you may go from having some tread to no tread at all - just taking a quick look at all four of your tyres before you get in can be done in under a minute.

2.Brake condition

General election Malaysia 2022

Brakes are one of the critical components in a car that keeps you safe from harm. If you're not sure what you are looking at, pay a professional to inspect them for you, but generally you can see how much meat is left on your brakes by just looking at them.


PRU15 Malaysia

Dealing with dim lightbulbs is something you don't really notice until it's too late, so it pays to check them before rolling out 

4.Oil Level

Oil change PRU15 Malaysia

This isn't something you commonly find to be an issue with newer cars, but it may be wise to keep an eye on your oil level before heading out on older cars 

5.Radiator fluid

PRU15 Malaysia

Checking on it periodically is the best way to tell whether you have a serious problem on your hands, so have a few drives before you go interstate and check the radiator fluid levels.

These are generally the more important things to look at before heading out on a long journey. If you want a more thorough list of things to inspect, click here, as they might actually be the difference between a smooth journey and an interrupted one. 

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