Meet the new 2023 Range Rover Sport SVR - 635PS, 750Nm, 6D suspension can control both pitch and roll, no anti-roll bars needed

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Meet the new 2023 Range Rover Sport SVR - 635PS, 750Nm, 6D suspension can control both pitch and roll, no anti-roll bars needed

Land Rover has debuted the New Range Rover Sport SV, the most powerful and dynamic Range Rover Sport ever built. 

According to Land Rover, the 2023 RRS SV combines exceptional performance and dynamism with a Range Rover's renowned capability, refinement, and sleek design.

This luxury performance vehicle is packed with cutting-edge technologies, including advanced suspension and a sensory audio system, which takes the Range Rover Sport to new heights.

2024 Range Rover Sport SV rear

On top of its striking design that exudes power and confidence, the lightweight construction and use of technical materials enhance its high-performance capabilities. 

2024 Range Rover Sport SV performance

With any performance-oriented luxury SUV, the amount of power it churns out is a big talking point, and its no different here as its new 635PS, 750Nm mild-hybrid Twin Turbo V8 engine can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 180mph.

In terms of power improvement over the previous model, that's an increase of 60PS and 50Nm. Despite its impressive power, it also delivers lower CO2 emissions than the previous models. 

2024 Range Rover Sport SV side profile

One of the standout features is the revolutionary 6D Dynamics suspension system, which ensures a stable and controlled ride even during extreme acceleration, braking, and cornering. According to the British firm, this system, along with other advanced chassis and suspension technologies, contributes to an exhilarating driving experience.

This revolutionary semi-active system, which removes the need for conventional anti-roll bars, dramatically reduces pitch and roll to maintain a near-level body stance during extreme cornering and acceleration.

2023 Range Rover Sports SV wheels

One of the reasons for this exhilarating driving experience is contributed to the combination of features that deliver a weight saving of up to 76kg, including the world's first 23-inch Carbon Fibre Wheel option on a production car. A total of 35.6kg is saved compared with conventional 23-inch cast-alloy wheels, improving outright performance, handling and ride quality.

2024 Ranger Rover SVR carbon brakes

The New Range Rover Sport SV also offers exceptional stopping power with the option of lightweight Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brakes, a first on any production Range Rover.

Another first for a Ranger Rover is the use of 305-section rear tyres, which are 20mm wider than the 285-section front tyres. With standard-fit Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tyres, this arrangement enables a rear-biased dynamic setup that enhances grip, stability and traction. Increased rear roll stiffness also helps deliver immediate steering responses.

2024 Range Rover SVR tail pipes

Its bold design includes aerodynamic enhancements, carbon fibre details, and a performance-focused interior. One of the most standout carbon fibre details includes the use of a CF bonnet, reprofiled lower body sides and functional carbon fibre-tipped quad tailpipes for the active exhaust system as focal points of the rear aspect.

2024 RRS SVR seats

Inside, the exclusive satin carbon fibre-backed SV Performance Seats feature integrated headrests, more sculpted bolsters and illuminated SV logos on their backrests.

There's also a world-first translucent edge-lit gear shift paddles nestle behind a steering wheel with more pronounced thumb grips, while black ceramic for the console gear shifter gives a cool-to-touch feel.

2024 RRS SVR seats

Another impressive and world-first feature is the exclusive Body and Soul Seat feature, which introduces an audio-sensory experience that allows occupants to feel the sound, promoting wellness benefits.

This is the first production vehicle to incorporate a tactile audio system from industry leader SUBPAC™ – technology used by the world's top recording artists and composers. 

Another feature that'll be appreciated is the new Country Road Assist technology, featured for the first time on Range Rover Sport. Its main job is to enhance passenger comfort when using Adaptive Cruise Control. 

2024 RRS SVR driving

The intelligent system uses navigation data to adjust the target speed, taking into account automatically bends in the road and changes to the speed limit, effortlessly accelerating or decelerating the vehicle accordingly.

To maintain exclusivity, the New Range Rover Sport SV is initially available only to select clients through invitation, in limited edition SV EDITION ONE specification. 

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