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Mugen-Tuned Honda S660 Coming Soon With 100HP?

Gerard June 19, 2015 15:00

We love the Honda S660 but are saddened by the fact that it is only available for sale in Japan for now although rumours of more powerful S1000 for export have been swirling around.

Back to the S660 and new reports from Japan by motoring.com.au have revealed that a Mugen-tuned version of the pint-sized roadster will appear by mid-2016. As of now, customers in Japan who order a S660 roadster have the choice to specify their car with Mugen aerodynamic accessories but no option for a power bump of its 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

The Mugen-spec S660 however is expected to receive a remapped ECU that sees a 60% increase in power from 63hp to 100hp. It may not sound like a lot but in a car as light as 830kg, that’s pretty substantial.

If we were sad by the fact the Honda S660 is a Japan only model for now, this new bit of info makes us want one even more. Just how popular is it? How about a waiting list that stretches to the start of 2016 sound?

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