New Entry-Level Taycan Is RM584,561

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New Entry-Level Taycan Is RM584,561

The new Taycan might be an entry-level variant, but it's definitely not down on fun and performance. The only down thing about it is its price.

While BMW is lowering the prices of their cars by offering less warranty, Porsche has slashed the price of their full electric vehicle, the Taycan, by offering it in a rear-wheel-drive only configuration - wait, that's a downgrade?

By doing this, they have managed to create a Taycan that is practically half the price of the highest variant, the Turbo S while not taking away the fun factor that the Turbo S provides.

Porsche Taycan front view

Known just as the Taycan, the entry-level base model Porsche EV looks the same as the Turbo S but has an output of 321hp instead of the Turbo S' 616hp. 

If those figures make the Taycan seem limp compared to its brothers, let us tell you that the Taycan can still reach a top speed of  230km/h and make the century sprint in 5.4secs.  While it won't be the fastest EV on the road, it will still get your blood pumping and make your passengers queasy.

Porsche Taycan family

To make those claimed performance statistics, the Taycan goes into a temporary overboost mode which brings its power up to 402hp. But if this is not sufficient, you could always spec the Taycan with the optional Performance Battery Plus, which ups the capacity from 79kWh to 93kWh, and increases the range from 431 kilometres to 484 kilometres.

Yes, just like that and through a simple battery upgrade, the Taycan can provide 375bhp or a temporary 469bhp of overboost. In this configuration, the Taycan can outrun the Polestar 2 (400hp) even if only momentarily. 

Porsche Taycan Interior

Standard equipment is still impressive, including aerodynamically efficient 19-inch rims, LED headlights, 10.9-inch cabin touchscreen, and two boots - that's right, two boots because there's no electric motor at the front. Stopping power is also good as the Taycan's brake size and rotor thickness is the same as the Taycan 4S. A six-piston calliper is plonked in the front, while a four-piston calliper is placed at the back.

Porsche Taycan driving dynamics

The slash in price doesn't mean a slash in ride and handling, because the Taycan is equipped with Porsche's Active Suspension Management, which allows a wide range of adjustability. It'll never be like the adaptive air suspension which its brothers the Taycan 4S or Taycan Turbo has, but Porsche's Active Suspension Management is usually quite good. 

If you think this base Taycan is a bit of diet coke, you'd be wrong because it set a Guinness World Record for the longest drift in an electric car. We're sure this will factor into your buying decision.

The Taycan went sideways for over 41 kilometres at an average speed of 46km/h. It's no BMW M5 which did it for 373 kilometres, but it's still impressive nonetheless we suppose!

Porsche Taycan Malaysia

We guess the big question is will it come to Malaysia? You bet it will as Porsche Malaysia has already uploaded the variant onto their website. How much would the car cost, you ask? Well, the Taycan Turbo S cost around RM 1.2 million so we guess, it will probably be around half of that. 

Infact, we know what the price is as Porsche Malaysia have unveiled it. Prices for the entry-level Taycan starts from RM605,000. From now until 30 June 2021, prices start from RM584,561 (inclusive of the current sales tax incentive) and will be available at Porsche Centres in the second quarter of 2021.


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