Perodua And PERKESO Launch 'Safe Drive to Workplace'

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Perodua And PERKESO Launch 'Safe Drive to Workplace'

When we talk about workplace dangers, we rarely even think about the commute to the workplace. That long (or short) drive or ride can expose you to all kinds of risks, which is why Perodua and PERKESO have teamed up to educate around 150 Perodua staff, including 40 of its trainers, in topics that include careful driving and the importance of checking vehicle condition.

On top of all this is the Kiken Yochi, which is the next stage in Perodua's development and training of their staff under their long-term Road Safety Programme, where staff are taught to anticipate potential hazards. The idea is to push the road safety envelope for the near-8,500-strong staff that commute to and from Perodua's headquarters in Sungai Choh.

“We express our utmost gratitude to PERKESO for imparting useful road safety pointers and knowledge, parts of which will be incorporated into Perodua’s own road safety training syllabus.
We aim to cascade this syllabus through all our HQ staff in the span of two years,” said Dato’ Zainal.

“Being Malaysia’s biggest carmaker by volume and one of Selangor’s biggest employers, Perodua feels it is its duty to contribute significantly to efforts to reduce work commute accidents. We are totally committed to safety and hope our efforts can serve as an example to the rest of the nation," he added.

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