Perodua Kelisa Drives Through The Flood Like a Boss

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Perodua Kelisa Drives Through The Flood Like a Boss

In its early days, Perodua models were all named after animals – Kancil, Rusa, Kenari, and what not, but nobody really expected them to have similarities with any of these animals, did they?

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the one model that we didn’t name above – the Kelisa.

Staying true to its name, which is the Malay name for Arowana, a Kelisa was seen bracing through the flash floods of Kuala Lumpur yesterday like it was child's play!

As expected, the video showing this act of bravery went viral in a matter of hours to the pleasant surprise of fellow Malaysians.

The best part is that a crowd, which was gathered by the roadside while waiting for the flood to subside, ended up cheering for the driver who somehow made it through and drove off as if nothing happened.

That being said, jump straight to the video below and check the impressive feat out yourself.

No more jokes about the Perodua Kelisa, okay?

*Credit to Sukan Star TV for the video

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