Perodua pre-owned vehicle outlet to open in mid-2016

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Perodua pre-owned vehicle outlet to open in mid-2016

It was reported late last year that Perodua’s retail arm has firm plans to go into the used car business.

At present, the company has already established a pre-owned vehicle division, but its function is currently restricted to merely facilitating trade-ins of customers seeking to swap their existing car for a brand new Perodua vehicle.

Trade-in cars taken in by the pre-owned vehicle team subsequently re-enter the market through a panel of used car dealers who work with Perodua or auctioned off to interested buyers.

Moving forward, firm plans are in the pipeline for Perodua-branded pre-owned vehicle retail outlets to sell refurbished used Perodua vehicles obtained through trade-in. Cars sold through this channel will be no older than seven years and will be covered by a limited warranty.

Non-Perodua vehicles will be disposed of in same fashion as present – through a trusted panel of used car dealers or by auction.

At today’s Perodua annual media briefing, the company revealed that the first outlet of the pre-owned vehicle division is slated for opening middle this year somewhere in the Central region. The company plans to eventually widen the reach of this business to other parts of the country.

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