Perodua Ramps Up Green Initiative With New 1,500-Square Metre Eco Garden At Its HQ

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Perodua Ramps Up Green Initiative With New 1,500-Square Metre Eco Garden At Its HQ

After launching the “Laman Hijau” recreational park just a month ago, Perodua has officially opened a new Eco Garden at the heart of the brand’s headquarters and manufacturing campus in Sungai Choh, Rawang, yesterday.

The Eco Garden, which is an initiative of Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd President Masanori Takahashi, serves as a blueprint for Perodua to incorporate eco-friendly practices into both its facilities and operations.

It features a natural forest with a diverse range of flora, a treated wastewater fish and water lily pond, a recreational park, a learning centre, and also an organic herb garden.

Another highlight of the Perodua Eco Garden is that it is constructed largely from recycled manufacturing waste materials. Besides that, the lighting and water pumps are entirely powered by solar electricity.

“As a company that operates in an energy- and resource-dependent industry, Perodua wants to change how its products and operations impact the world around us,” said Perodua Chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin.

“We hope our initiatives will also inspire our employees, the industry and the Malaysian public to continuously pursue a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of life. Together, I’m certain we can all make a difference,” added Tan Sri Asmat.

He also mentioned that a number of Perodua campus buildings already have solar panels and rainwater-harvesting systems, and that the installation of a 1 MW solar panel at Perodua’s test track is expected to finish in July.

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