Prasarana Introduces New Distance-Based Fares For LRT, Monorail, Cashless Discounts

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Prasarana Introduces New Distance-Based Fares For LRT, Monorail, Cashless Discounts

The fare structure for the three main rail-based public transportation in Kuala Lumpur - LRT Kelana Jaya Line, LRT Ampang Line, and the KL Monorail - has, for the most part, remained unchanged for the past two decades (nearly). Yesterday, Prasarana Malaysia has announced a new fare structure based on distance blocks, and it would come into effect on December 2nd. 

President and Group CEO Dato’ Azmi Abdul Aziz said the current fare structure, for the Kelana Jaya Line, was based on the different rates between stations in the Central Business Districts and non-Central Business Districts while the Ampang Line was based on the number of stations travelled. Same goes for the KL Monorail. This new fare structure is also meant to unify the charges for all three services. 

“For a more equitable and consistent fares structure, the current structure would be realigned to the distance-based fare structure, similar with the practice of other rail operators globally.

“Under the new fares structure, passenger would be charged a flag fall plus the actual distance travelled multiplied by the corresponding rate that decreases the further the passenger travels,” Azmi said.

To encourage the use of cashless payments for travellers using these rail services such as Touch n’ Go or MyRapid card, the government has requested Prasarana to introduce fare differentiation. 

“As an added incentive, passengers who opt for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” would enjoy discounts of between 18 and 26 percent, and 20 and 35 percent respectively on the distance rate compared with cash,” Azmi explained.

“For example, passengers travelling between Chan Sow Lin and PWTC would pay RM2.30 in cash compared with RM2.40 today. They would only pay RM1.90 for a further discount of 40 sen from the new cash fare when travelling with “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”.  

An additional discount incentive is added for those who purchase MyRapid Smart7 or Smart30 cards. With that, commuters can can an additional 3 to 14 percent lower fare over the normal cashless rate. 

“Passengers travelling between Imbi and Dato’ Keramat would pay only RM3.40 via cash compared with the current fare of RM4.40. They would only pay RM2.80 when travelling with “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”,” said Azmi.

Passengers travelling between KL Sentral (Kelana Jaya Line) and KLCC, meanwhile, would need to pay RM2.40, an additional 80 sen in cash compared with RM1.60 today. However, they would only pay additional 40 sen when travelling with “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” or 50 sen more when travelling with “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly”.

“We strongly encourage passengers, particularly our daily commuters, to purchase either “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”, depending on their travel patterns, to enjoy greater savings,” he continued. 

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