RFID Electronic Toll Collection To Be Introduced As Early As Jan 2018

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RFID Electronic Toll Collection To Be Introduced As Early As Jan 2018

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags will be used for electronic toll collection starting as early as January 2018, according to a report by The Star Online.

The RFID tag system is part of the Government’s larger strategy to fully implement the Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) toll collection systems by 2020.

According to him, RFID tags are currently being trialed by the police, Fire and Rescue departments and ambulance services – which are exempted from toll charges.

According to the same report, Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Ismail Md. Salleh added that the MLFF system was currently being studied as it involves other aspects, such as law enforcement.

The MLFF system will be tested on single lanes first, later expanded to include more lanes in stages. The reports added that existing toll barriers will not be removed until the MLFF is determined to be robust and reliable.  

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