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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Kuala Lumpur takes regional award

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Kuala Lumpur takes regional award

When it comes to a brand like Rolls-Royce, the entire ownership experience from viewing, to purchase, to after sales has to be top notch. Owners pay exorbitant amounts of money not merely for a luxury product, but for the service that comes with it.

To recognize the efforts of these dealers, Rolls-Royce holds regional competitions and awards dealerships that have shown exemplary work quality while meeting the strict standards that Rolls-Royce sets.

Quill Motorcars took helm as the official Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealer in Kuala Lumpur back in 2010. Operating out of the Quill 9 building, it quickly became one of the top dealerships within the South East Asian region- with the full range of Rolls-Royce models available for customers to peruse.

For their performance in 2015, Quill Motorcars takes home the award- thanks to its sterling after-sales team and excelling in service delivery and inventory management, along with customer tracking and marketing. 

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