Tesla Releases P100D Version of Model S, Claims Fastest Production Car


Good news for Tesla fans: if you ever thought the Model S P90D just wasn't quick enough for your taste, Elon Musk has the answer for you. It's the P100D- which basically means it packs a 100 kilowatt hour battery, allowing it to use more power and travel further. The new 0-60 mph (not quite 0-100 km/h) time is 2.5 seconds- although this is more a predicted value based on the previous P90D figures extrapolated. With the 100 kwh battery pack, the range also increases to 613 kilometres on a single charge, based on the EU testing cycle. 

Tesla is also providing this battery for the Model X, giving it similar performance and range figures (0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, 542 km on a single charge). The great thing about Tesla products is that owners get free firmware upgrades over the air, making it more convenient and extending the life of their product by far.

Tesla customers have the option to upgrade their P90D to a P100D for just 10,000 USD if they haven't yet taken ownership of their P90D, while existing P90D owners can upgrade to the P100D battery for just 20,000 USD. Tesla also says that the sales of the more expensive Model S and Model X are still being used to fund development of the more affordable Model 3- a car that is slated to make electric cars a highly viable option for the masses. 


Places more value in how fun a car is to drive than outright performance or luxury. He laments the direction that automotive development is headed in, but grudgingly accepts the logic behind it. Can be commonly found trying to fix yet another problem on his rusty project car.


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