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Thailand Built Mid-Engine Sports Car Teased, Debuts In 2016

Gerard July 24, 2015 13:26

This teaser image was released by VanaticalDesign (aka Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa) and it shows an upcoming mid-engine sports car which will not only be designed by a Thai national but will apparently be built in Bangkok, Thailand as well.

Details of the Thai sports car are limited at the moment with the teaser only revealing LED headlamps, sculpted hood, and muscular rear fenders.

The yet to be named model is expected to be revealed next year at a release event in Bangkok along with the company which will produce it.

Designer Jennarong says, "We are here to show to the world that Thailand can make not just an amazing car, but an amazing feat of artwork and engineering, and from right where you least expect it."

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