The BMW M2 Gets Some Hong Kong Street Style From MTC Design

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The BMW M2 Gets Some Hong Kong Street Style From MTC Design

Modern day BMW M cars look pretty aggressive as they are from factory. Monstrously large air vents up front and bulging, muscular wheel arches all make for an almost ape-in-a-suit looking car. But as we know from experience, you can always take things a little further.

Enter MTC Design. The Hong Kong based firm has produced a number of carbon trim pieces to further accentuate the edginess of the BMW M2, which you can see here in Long Beach Blue. There are a total of five different pieces as part of the overall look: the front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser insert, bootlid spoiler, and a big old wing up top.

Prices naturally vary from region to region, but if you're buying it out of Europe from Carbon-Fibre Dynamics, the front lip will set you back a cool 999 Euros (RM 4,669).

Moving on to the side skirts, this nice lower lip piece runs a hefty 1,149 Euros (RM 5,369). 

Out back, the carbon diffuser insert is the second most expensive of the pack at 1,299 Euros (RM 6,074)

Thankfully, if you're only going to go for a front lip and a rear trunk lid spoiler then you can be fairly frugal. The trunk lid spoiler is a mere 789 Euros (RM 3,687).

The most expensive component of all is the one that only appears in one of these photos. This larger rear wing mounts to the boot and offers additional downforce, as you'd expect. It's not a look that everyone will appreciate, although it does create an M2 GTS of sorts. This larger rear wing goes for 1,799 Euros (RM 8,409).

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