The BMW M4 and Vossen Wheels Go Together Like Satay and Sambal

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The BMW M4 and Vossen Wheels Go Together Like Satay and Sambal

When it comes to the aftermarket for continental cars, there are a huge range of options available in a multitude of sizes and designs. Track rats will tend to keep wheel sizes as small as their brake calipers will allow in order to reduce weight and speed up response, but when it comes to aesthetics there are many directions in which you can go. Some go as far as to add overfenders or a wide body kit (Rauh-Welt Begriff and Liberty Walk being two major names in this area), while some are content with just a little more offset.

We tend to see a lot of fake Vossens running on our more popular local cars, which is why it can be a little underwhelming when we finally see the real deal. But even so, for those who like the aesthetic it's something that they can easily appreciate- fake or not. In the case of this M4 the Vossen VPS-314T wheels arecompletely legitimate in a nice 20-inch size. The bright red paint of the rims is a stark contrast to the grey bodywork- although perhaps blacking it out would be even nicer in order to go with a more subdued look.

Why don't we have subtler looking M3s/M4s? Who knows. This M4 in particular is also a convertible, which instantly makes it a head-turner when cruising through the suburbs or when pulling into the valet at the shopping mall. Why don't we have more M4 convertibles? Nobody knows either, perhaps because the convertible image doesn't necessarily blend well with the high-end aggression image that comes with modern day M cars. 

Also as it is with modern performance cars, these wheels are installed in a staggered setup front to rear. Up front they are 8.5-inches wide, while round back they are 10.5-inches wide. The staggered setup helps with stability and should mimic the kind of standard staggering that BMW has for their products, although this is also heavily dependent on the tyres used. There's no word on what offsets these are, although they shouldn't be too far off the standard rims either as going much further would mess with the geometry.

So why the satay and sambal analogy? Well, it's simple- not everybody likes their satay with a firey, sure-to-make-you-regret, chilli oil heavy sauce. Most are content to eat it plain or with the standard kuah kacang, but for those who can handle the heat and embrace it, the sambal is for them. Vossens are very much the same- perhaps a little too loud for most, polarizing in its design for sure, but those who appreciate it will like the very fact that it's extreme. 






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