Tokyo 2015: Daihatsu D-base Showed Off, One Step Closer To The Next Axia

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Tokyo 2015: Daihatsu D-base Showed Off, One Step Closer To The Next Axia

After making the announcement that it will be presenting a new mini concept car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu has shows us their new D-base in the flesh. 

Much is still not known about the nitty gritty when it comes to the car, but what we do know – and have since the teaser – was that it previews the next-generation of Daihatsu’s family of mini cars.

Precisely the cars, the engines, and the design that will trickle down into vehicles that Perodua will use in their future models. We could potentially be seeing the next-generation Axia or the cues that we’ll become much more familiar with in the next Myvi.

The D-base will also feature a further development of the company’s e:S (Eco and Smart) technology that includes an energy efficient engine built with low friction internal components, engine idle stop-start system, streamlined lightweight body, among other rather simple, low-cost but nonetheless worthwhile solutions in the pursuit of greater operational economy.

The e:S technology first debuted in Japan in 2011, in the Japanese-market Daihatsu Mira, whose platform and body structure forms the basis for the Perodua Axia and its Indonesian cousins – Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya, minus the Japanese market-only e:S technology. 

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