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Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Carsome Certified Car


Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Carsome Certified Car

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is not as straightforward as buying a new vehicle. There’s simply no two ways about it. There are a lot of potential pitfalls you may encounter, especially if you don’t know what to look out for.

However, with the pricing of new vehicles in Malaysia, pre-owned vehicles more often than not are both the logical and financially prudent choice so how do you navigate the world of pre-owned vehicles?

Three words! 

Carsome Certified cars

All Carsome Certified cars go through a 175-point inspection covering the interior, exterior, underbody and are road-tested to make sure it’s free of major accidents and flood damage (Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process) at the Carsome Certified Lab, and come with fixed prices with no hidden fees, 5-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

But if you want to dive deeper and understand WHY you should choose a Carsome Certified car, then read on below as we list it down for you. 

1. Quality - Pre-owned vehicles that are carefully selected and refurbished beyond standards 

Carsome selects the best vehicles and makes them better by refurbishing them to be Carsome Certified at the Carsome Certified Lab. The Carsome Certified Lab measures 185,856 square feet (the biggest in Southeast Asia). It is there that Carsome turns around all the cars that have been selected through the Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process. You can read all about the Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process here

At the Carsome Certified Lab; 

  • up to 2,000 vehicles are refurbished monthly 

  • up to 30 brands are refurbished including local, Japanese, Korean, and continental makes

  • technicians come highly trained and skilled 

  • They use advanced tools, powered by data and cutting-edge technology

  • they raise the bar of quality through all-encompassing troubleshooting

2. Trust - Quality vehicles, backed by quality after-sales

The Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process ensures all vehicles that have first passed the 175-point Inspection are refurbished to perform at their best. Starting with mechanical and general repairs, global safety standards are followed to ensure Carsome Certified vehicles operate at optimum functionality, while tools such as an Onboard Diagnostic Scanner (ODS) detect and service all electronic issues to maintain key safety features. 

Delivering safety beyond standards, complete comfort, and refurbished aesthetics, every car is free from major accidents, fire, or flood damage. For added peace of mind, these selections come with a 1-year warranty (that covers but is not limited to the engine, transmission, and air conditioning system) and a 5-day money-back guarantee so you can trust the quality of a Carsome Certified vehicle from the moment you drive off in it.

3. Promise - A new standard of buying pre-owned cars

Part of being the new standard for pre-owned cars means also delivering peace of mind to buyers. 

Carsome is the go-to car e-commerce platform that delivers a seamless consumer journey experience, removing all the pain points from buying a car. Leveraging technology and data, Carsome is able to create a trusted end-to-end platform at a scale never seen before in Malaysia, let alone South East Asia.  

Best-in-class experience that is on par with new cars added with a personalised touch helps Carsome create a new standard for buying pre-owned cars. 

4. Transparency - Carsome is a 100% Transparent so you are a 100% Confident

Everything you see on is a promise of everything you will get when you are ready to make the purchase. There are NO hidden fees. All displayed prices are fixed, inclusive of road tax, PUSPAKOM fees, loan processing fees, and ownership transfer fees. A full 175-point vehicle inspection report (so as a customer you know the ins and outs of the car) and 360-degree unedited view are also available to give you a wholesome interior and exterior look of the vehicle. When it comes to transparency, there is no compromise with Carsome! 

5. Choice - Buy the vehicles you want, the way you want

Choices are aplenty with Carsome and with the backlog and unavailability of new cars at the moment the fastest way for you to purchase a car is to go the pre-owned route but one must still be careful. With Carsome Certified and the level of expert refurbishment that goes into every Carsome Certified car, you’re got peace of mind that the car you’re buying will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

With up to 30 brands, Carsome has vehicles that suit every kind of need, be it hatchbacks, sedans, MPVs, or even the much-beloved SUVs. From browsing to delivery, Carsome gives you the flexibility to shop the way you want. Browse the app, visit the website, or if you prefer a more personal touch just visit a Carsome Experience Center near you.

Once you’ve found a vehicle you like, you can book a test drive any day of the week. Can’t go to Carsome? No problem. Just get a virtual tour from their friendly Carsome Consultants. Carsome welcomes all customers to collect their vehicles personally at the Carsome Experience Centers. But if you prefer, Carsome is also more than happy to deliver the car to you.

With each and every Carsome Certified car, the promise you’re getting is: 

  • transparency with close-up pictures and the inspection report on the vehicle listing

  • a vehicle that is professionally cleaned and sanitized

  • a vehicle delivered to your doorstep! (if you want it to)

With Carsome Certified, you are getting a new standard of buying pre-owned cars. A standard that is promised by all the reasons above. 

Do yourself a favor, don’t settle for anything less than a Carsome Certified car - browse for them here


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